Account Intelligence Services

Connect with your customers with Verified, Accurate, and Opt-In Sales Leads

Connect with decision-makers to stay in the lead using Account Intelligence Services

Cubex Globe we believe that to enhance the efficiency of marketing campaigns marketers need to understand their business prospects so that they can plan their campaigning strategies in a smart way to yield excellent results. With our Account Intelligence Services, you can now target the right decision-makers as we provide you with comprehensive information such as customers’ needs, limitations, preferences, and decision-making processes.

With Account Intelligence Service you can now direct your strategies to execute your marketing campaigns focusing on a particular consumer’s profile. By understanding customers’ needs you can pitch your sales and customize your campaigns in the most effective way to engage with your target audience and stay in the lead.

Account Intelligence Services
Grow Your Business with Accurate Account-Based Intelligence Services

Grow Your Business with Accurate Account-Based Intelligence Services

It is not an easy task to build your own database. It needs a lot of research to procure data and then identify and convert the data into actionable insights. Nevertheless, at Cubex Globe we have an excellent team who offers customers the best services that will enable you to grow your business with the help of:

  • A repository of in-house data that is home to numerous data records giving you a 360° view of an individual, business prospect, or company
  • Our verification processes make sure data is both email and tele-verified thereby giving you access to accurate contact information such as name, job title, email address, phone numbers, and lots more
  • We have experienced teams of data scientists who offer precision at every stage.
  • We understand the latest trends, technologies, and applications used by targeted audiences and organizations in the global market.

Boost Your Business Strategies and maximize ROI with Account Intelligence Services

At Cubex Globe we provide excellent data-driven solutions that assure a high response in a short time. If you want your marketing strategies to work for you then you must ensure you use our account intelligence services that will give you accurate data that will impact your marketing campaigning. Moreover, your marketing teams should use a verified and authentic database that will turn out to be a sure success for your business.

We offer updated and accurate contact data of sales leads. You can reach out to the ideal prospect and save your time and resources. Our verified and validated data can boost your business strategies and maximize ROI.

Boost Your Business Strategies
Enhance multi-channel marketing

Enhance multi-channel marketing with Account Intelligence Services

To stay ahead of the competition, you need accurate data to launch targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns and get assured results. This is why you need our Account Intelligence Services that will give you customized data solutions that match your campaign requirements to boost your campaign response.

With our well-segmented database, you can engage with the right prospects and promote your products and services. We offer several data fields that will help them to execute multi-channel marketing, which includes:

First Name

Last Name

Phone number

Email address

Social Profile

Company Name

Job Role and Title

Investments and Revenue

We assure a high deliverability rate, and you can maintain effective business communication. It can boost the efficiency of your campaigns' multi-channel marketing and bring in high returns on investment.

Why choose Cubex Globe’s Business Intelligence Services

At Cubex Globe we provide the best Business Intelligence Services, hence we have loyal global customers. With our excellent Account Intelligence Solutions, you will be able to expedite and execute targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. We offer the right leads, helping you to build your brand’s image, create presentations, and engage customers.

  • We provide accurate, verified, and updated data records to make your marketing activities successful
  • With our Account Intelligence Services, you can get access to a huge amount of intelligence fields, customized to fit your specific needs that will make your multi-channel marketing campaigns a huge success
  • You can maintain business communication with your existing and potential customers with guaranteed results
  • Our team works relentlessly to offer you verified, accurate, relevant data to make your marketing strategies successful
Business Intelligence Services
Gain The Competitive Edge - Account Intelligence Services

Gain The Competitive Edge with Cubex Globe’s Account Intelligence Services

  • Helps identify key players in the decision-making process
  • Allows you to understand your market from a closer perspective
  • Identifies high-value accounts
  • Accelerate your sales cycle intelligently
  • Lays emphasize targeted prospects
  • Increase b2b interactions, sales conversions, and ROI