Technology Data

Identify and Engage with technology users from across the globe using Technology Users Contact Database

Get access to an accurate list of decision-makers of top IT companies and convert them to customers

Information Technology companies are growing at an astonishing rate therefore; it has become important to understand your customers’ needs, particularly their pain points and their purchase habits. Using our technology users list will allow you to build relations and boost sales conversions.

We make sure to provide the best marketing services that will make your business a sure success. If you want to reach your target audience group or connect with our Technology Industry marketing experts will need to first understand

  • Who are your customers and what IT services and solutions they are looking for?
  • How can I engage with prospects looking for server virtualizations, network security, cloud backup implements, etc.?
  • How do I distinguish responsive leads from cold ones searching for managed workstations and workstation backups?
  • How to reach out to IT purchasing professionals from across countries?
  • How TAM solutions can increase revenue?
Decision-makers of top IT companies
Technology User Lists

Why choose Cubex Globe’s Technology User Lists?

  • We offer the right solutions for the tech industry consumers’ purchase behavior.
  • You can stay updated with the latest trends and offer the best marketing solutions to tech buyers.
  • You can reach the right key decision-makers with the most accurate and error-free database, helping you to effortlessly execute marketing campaigns globally.
  • We help identify and solve your tech leads’ obstacles and enable you to create an impressive brand image.
  • We help you to create compelling campaigns and maximize your revenue.
  • We follow all the guidelines of the GDPR and CAN-SPAM act and offer a solution that fits corporate environments and global customers.
  • Technology Database is verified and validated, every 90 days to keep it responsive for your campaigns.

Get well-segmented technology email addresses of tech buyers

Connect with IT-related verticals through our comprehensive Technology Users Email Database. We provide verified and updated contact details of technology users to help you reach out to them effortlessly. You can even contact our marketing experts to get contact details of relevant buyers of AI, IT software, automation, cloud, and lots more.

Having access to such well-segmented valuable information, you can build more insights over your CRM data with updated top leads. When used effectively you can achieve rewarding ROIs and even take your business to a new level of success. Moreover, you will get access to data fields such as:

First name
Last Names
Email Address
Postal Address
Fax Number
Phone Number
LinkedIn Profile
Company Name
Company Website
Employee Size
City, State, Country
Job Title
Revenue Size
Technology email addresses
Engage with Tech Decision-Makers

Engage with Tech Decision-Makers and Influencers

It is not easy to directly connect with decision-makers in the IT industry as the buyers’ journey is tedious with long sales pipelines. You need to connect with the right audience at the right time so that they easily come into your sales funnel, close deals faster, and boost conversions. Therefore, to achieve this you need accurate and responsive technology contacts from our Cubex Globe’s Masterfile such as:

  • Web Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • CIOs (Chief Information Officers)
  • CSOs (Chief Strategy Officers)
  • CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers)
  • CTOs (Chief Technology Officers)
  • Cloud Computing Engineers
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • IT Procurement Managers

Directly contact Cubex Globe’s Technology Customer Demand Generation Experts

With our Technology Users Mailing List, you can strengthen business relations and increase sales significantly. At Cubex Globe we provide you with the best marketing resources that will help you to reach customers before anyone else can and keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Our technology users’ lists will connect you with IT strategy-seekers and tech experts from various industries
  • Get online demographics to translate buyer intent and roll out personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns successfully
  • We help you to advertise your network designing, disaster recovery planning, managed workstations, and other services as per your targeted audience
  • Find your best-suited audiences and keep them engaged, build long-lasting business relationships by offering the best tech solutions
Directly contact Cubex Globe’s
Responsive technology use cases

Customize your sales funnel for responsive technology use cases

Identify the most lucrative markets for your IT offerings and incorporate the best insights to engage the right sales leads and create an impressive brand image. Expedite IT sales and gain profitable ROI through your B2B campaigns and achieve your campaign goals using our technical data. We assure you that you can rely on our client insights and you will not miss lucrative business opportunities. With our pre-packaged technology users' email and mailing lists you can:

  • You can identify customer intent and global tech markets
  • Get precise TAM metrics to launch effective multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Reach out to C-Level professionals and decision-makers
  • Get in-depth PEST analysis to make well-informed decisions
  • You can segment global markets
  • Connect with buyers who are in need of your marketing services
  • Maintain communication with prospects and improve sales
  • Explore new market opportunities

How we build our technology data

Data Procurement:

Our team gathers every single record in our technology user list from authentic and globally trusted sources.

Data Verification and Validation:

We follow stringent quality checks to maintain the accuracy of our database and provide you with high-quality information.


We give you the flexibility to customize the records based on your business requirements and budget.

On-Time Delivery:

We guarantee to deliver your data at the specified time.

How we build our technology data