Data Verification

Boost Campaign Performance, by accessing data from the best data verification process

Importance of Cubex Globe’s Data Verification Process

Businesses today want to grow their revenue fast and take their business to a new level of success. That is why you need data verification to strategically plan your business growth. However, we cannot just invest in any vendor as it might do more harm. By building your own data you might lose time and resources. Hence this job needs to be outsourced to a reliable vendor like Cubex Globe.

Collaborating with us will foster business growth and enhance overall revenue. With verified data, you will be able to reach out to your existing and potential business prospects without any challenges.

Data Verification Process
Data Cleansing Process

Data Cleansing Process

  • Submission
  • De-dupe
  • Syntax correction
  • Role account
  • Black list check
  • Complaint check
  • Bounced email check
  • Spam check
  • Junk removal
  • Confirmation
  • Delivery

Data Verification Process

Stage 1

Our team of data researchers gathers data from trusted global sources such as business directories, government records, newsletter subscriptions, surveys, etc.

Stage 2

Our in-house team of 800 data experts validates the data through web research and the social validation process

Stage 3

We ensure Email domains are checked to remove incorrect data through SMPT, Xverify, FreshAddress, BriteVerify, etc.

Stage 4

Once verification is done opt-in emails are sent to all contacts and hard bounces & opt-outs are removed immediately

Stage 5

Our data experts also ensure name and geo-validation are done to all collected data

Data Verification
Maintain Effective B2B Communication

Get Data Verified to Maintain Effective B2B Communication

It is important to maintain business communication with your customers to grow your business. To achieve this, you need to have the best quality customer data. You might be sending compelling marketing messages to your targeted customers with various offers and deals using your old database.

But if your messages are not reaching your audience it's time you need to get your data verified by experts. With verified data, you can connect with decision-makers of top companies with your business proposals and even expect a good response from your campaign initiatives.

Fuel Your Tech Marketing Efforts

Today, the technology industry is highly competitive, and to survive and foster growth you need accurate and verified email lists. That is why we are here to assist you in your marketing initiatives by offering you verified and validated databases to help you increase sales conversions.

Tech Marketing Efforts
Marketing Campaigns with Data Enrichment

Enhance Marketing Campaigns with Data Enrichment

Refresh your existing customers’ database with the best business relevant and verified contact data. With various intelligence fields, you can improve your multi-channel marketing campaign response.

Customized Data for Targeted Campaigns

You can run targeted campaigns to your niche customers based on titles & geographic location of your choice by using our customized database. With customized B2B data, you can optimize your campaign efficiency and multiply your ROI.

Customized Data for Targeted Campaigns