Data Compilation

Build Customers' Trust with Accurate Data Compilation, Offer high-quality data gathered from reliable sources. Grow customer base and improve B2B relations.

Cubex Globe’s Data Compilation Connects you with the Right Customers

Why do both small and large organizations today rely on our data compilation,

  • We are an experienced and skilled team of data compiler
  • We stringently follow global data protection laws
  • Our teams relentlessly collect data from trusted global sources
  • This data then goes through data verification processes
  • With our permission passed data, we reach customers with our network of tradeshow organizers
  • We regularly create beneficial insights for our subscribers
  • We understand their requirements, keep them updated and send them follow-ups
Data Compilation Connects you with the Right Customers
Data Compilation Process

Cubex Globe’s Data Compilation Process:

Stage 1

Our teams collect data from trusted sources, like business cards and directories, seminars and conferences, etc.

Primary data collection sources include:

  • Tradeshows, seminars, events, and conferences
  • Government and Public records and listings
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • Postal Service Information
  • Annual reports, and public filings
  • B2B Directories and Yellow pages
  • Free Magazines and Newspaper Subscription
  • Business Trade magazine subscription
  • Telephone and online Directories

Secondary data collection sources include:

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Web-Based Registrations
  • TV and Print Advertising
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Point of sale

Stage 2

The gathered data is sent to our research team to add or append the missing data. We verify and validate the contact data through email, telephone, and white paper download programs before adding it to our Masterfile. We offer pre-packaged data for sales and marketing representatives.

Stage 3

We clean your mailing lists and weed out duplicate contacts, NCOA, Spam traps, complainers, opt-outs, etc. are collected into a suppression file.

Stage 4

Email address verification goes through an SMTP ping test, data validation, fresh addresses, etc. We use tools such as Xverify, and BriteVerrify for email testing. We first send a welcome email to reduce the bounces and opt-outs are added to our suppression file

Stage 5

It is important to understand the social behavior of your prospects therefore we have a dedicated team only for this purpose. They validate the records and add the social media links to the file.

Stage 6

We send permission pass mailer to all the contacts keeping them informed that their contact data has been added to our data file. We give them various options to opt out and are removed within 48 hours. This further depends on the location of the contacts as specific processes are used for different regions as per the local and international anti-spam acts and DMA guidelines.

Why Choose Cubex Globe for Data Compilation

  • Every month our teams send over 20MN emails for verification
  • We follow a multi-stepped verification process
  • We guarantee emails are refreshed every 45 days
  • To keep our data up-to-date our data analysts, make over 1MM calls a month
  • We make sure to include records that have been confirmed in the last 90 days
Why Choose Cubex Globe for Data Compilation
Database accurate

What information do we remove to keep the database accurate?

  • Incomplete records
  • Redundant and obsolete records
  • Duplicates
  • Personal emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Generic emails like info@
  • Non-responsive postal addresses
  • Incorrect phone numbers
  • Potential spam traps
  • False data

Our data compilation and verification is an ongoing process. We ensure all our emails are verified every 60 days and contact data every 90 and 120 days. Validated files move faster and we have a specific algorithm to ensure all the contacts are validated to give the highest deliverability rate.

Why marketers are opting for our data compilation?

We manually clean data and further use specific algorithms to give current insights on your top responsive sales leads. Moreover, we offer clean data mining capabilities to sales and marketing leaders before they move on to paid traffic.

Here’s our never-fail combination of responsive leads, targeted advertising, and marketing campaigns

We assure you can leverage campaign performance significantly with our automated data for your advertising and multi-channel marketing.

You can first use the data with the qualified addressable market and the most prospective sales lead. So, don’t invest in paid traffic as you can get qualified leads with a proven data validation funnel.

So, don’t delay any longer. Contact Cubex Globe to ensure you have valid and current contact details in your database.

Our data compilation